Below is a link to 5 unwritten rules of buyer etiquette that appeared on

If you are considering jumping in to the home market it is very informative. I do agree with most of it except for Rule 2: Don't ask your agent to show you homes until you sign a buyer-broker agreement.  In my experience buyers are very put off if I ask them to sign anything until they are ready.  My philosophy is that if I do a great job that buyers will honor the work that I have done to reperesent them.  In accordance with ga law I do need to get a signed buyers agreement before I submit an offer on the buyers behalf. But at that point the buyers is signing contracts anyway and I have built up the required level of trust so that a buyers agreement is anon issue.

This client first mentality has served me very well for 15+ years in real estate.


Here is the link to the entire article.