If they think our price is too high they can always make an offer!   

I hear it all the time from sellers.  For many years regardless of the market I have felt that buyers and their agents are timid about making lower offers.  Of course I am talking about typical owner occupant buyers not investor lowballers. 


I did an analysis for zip code 30189 for sales from the last 30 days. Across the board the average sales price to original list price was about 98+ %.   The question that I posed myself was for the homes that had price reductions is what was the sales price in relation to the last list price.  

However, homes that had price changes sold for 95% of the original list and had much longer days on market. When you look at sales price to final list price it goes up to 97.5%. 

Bottom line for me is that the home needs to be priced within 2.5% of a realistic selling price or the buyers will move on to other homes.  Buyers wont get emotionally attached and make an offer if they dont think they are close enough to get the offer accepted!!!!

Get your home priced to sell AND keep more $$$$ in your pocket!