The true answer is that commissions are negotiable. However just because they can be negotiated does not mean they will be negotiated.

I believe that commissions are negotiable but excellent service is not!

Many agents and brokerages have policies that will not allow the agents to charge any less than a certain percentage.  Several years ago I was interviewing different companies to potentially hold my license.  On was very specific that i could not list a home for less than 6% even if it was friends or family.  Anything less would "devalue" their brand.    I did not choose them.

Here in Ga 6% is fairly common and that is usually split evenly between the listing agent and the buyers agent.  If the listing agent sells the home directly to a buyer then they earn the entire commission with no split. 

While fixed commission and 50/50 spits are the norm I began to think there has to be a better way.  !!!

Variable rate commission: Several years ago I came up with the idea of reducing my commission if I sold my listing directly to the buyer with no buyers agent involved. Rather than taking all of the contracted commission I share the love and help my sellers pocket some extra money! I does not happen that often but when it does my sellers save money. Very few agent know what variable rate is and many can"t or won"t do it.

1% listing solution: Buyers agents earn their split.  They are out showing and selling homes, racking up many miles and hours.  But I began to look at the listing side and thought there had to be a better way.  There are some other discount models in the market but most charge an up front fee to list.  While that might be a fair trade in order to get the discount I just was not comfortable charging something before the house is sold.  In that regard I wanted to keep a traditional format where the seller pays $0 to the broker until the house is sold.  Eventually I arrived at the 1% listing solution (www.1percentlistingsolution.com). I charge 1% on the listing side with no up front listing fees.  There is .12% mls fee also charged at closing.  For homes $175,000 or less the listing side is a flat $2000. There is still 3% for the buyers agent. So on most homes my total listing commission is 4.12%.

Back to the variable rate commission, If I sell your home directly to the buyer then the total commission is reduced to 3.12%.

How do I do it?  I cut my overhead but not my marketing.  I have to keep effective marketing in place because I have to sell homes to get paid!  When you deal with Atlas Realty Service, LLC you are dealing with me.  I am my own broker and hold my own license. I do not have to share any money with any bosses, brokers, or other higher ups. I eliminated my office.  When I worked for a big company I had access to a beautiful office.  Actually several offices.  That was part of what I paid for. Then  I realized that I never used the office!  Over the last 2 years I had been exactly once. I also still do a lot of buyers agency.  And you know what?   A lot of people that are selling homes are going to buy another one and they need an agent! 

So there are a lot of different factors to consider, a lot of agents, and brokers will truy to earn your business, But if you are in the North Atlanta 'burbs  I hope you will let me interview for the job!