First lets give a quick rundown of the roles of agents in your home sale.  In the great majority of home sales there are two agents.  The listing agent is the one with the sign in yard and their responsibility is to market the home and represent the best interests of the seller.  The buyers agent is driving around and showings homes while representing the best interest of the buyer.

Every once in a while the listing agent will show or sell their own listing but that is only an occasional happening. While it is not the focus of this post, the good news is that if you list with Atlas Realty Service you will save even more money with our variable rate commission!(find out more here

If you are thinking about selling your home the marketing objective is to get maximum exposure to potential buyers and to buyer’s agents. In today’s market that comes down to one thing…. Internet marketing.  The tricky thing about that is that there is not just one magic web site.  Your home needs to be on as many websites as possible and the listing photos and information need to be top notch.

Here is a list of the top real estate search sites from 2018.

Information provided by

Real Estate Website

Traffic (Jan. – Mar. 2018)

Average Time on Site


533.5 Million

7:47 Minutes


207.3 Million

7:29 Minutes


154.5 Million

5:13 Minutes


102.3 Million

4:44 Minutes


36.52 Million

4:07 Minutes


17.14 Million

4:16 Minutes


14.31 Million

3:29 Minutes


10.06 Million

5:49 Minutes


7.67 Million

3:43 Minutes


7.36 Million

2:49 Minutes


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